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Hagia sophia museum blog

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Hagia Sophia Plan

In terms of the architectural sense Hagia Sophia plan combines the basilica plan with a centralized plan which is domed basilica type building. It is considered an important work in the history of architecture...

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Hagia Sophia Facts

The world’s eighth wonder of Hagia Sophia which has a history of 1500 years is one of the most important structures of Istanbul. The Hagia Sophia facts spread ear to ear over the centuries...

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Hagia Sophia Architecture

A 40 ribbed dome covers the Hagia Sophia architecture which is famous with its mosaics with 55.60 m height and 30.80 – 31.88 m diameter. 107 columns which 40 of them are located in...

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Hagia Sophia Mosaics

Tons of gold are used in the construction of Hagia Sophia mosaics however besides the gold, stone pieces such as silver, tinted glass, terracotta and colored marble also have been used. In the year...