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Sultan Tombs in Hagia Sofia

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Tomb of Sultan Selim II

Tomb of Sultan Selim II is one of the most beautiful tombs of Istanbul and it is also one of the 18 tombs built by famous Turkish Architect Sinan. Sultan ordered Architect Sinan to...

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Tomb of Sultan Murad III

Tomb of Sultan Murad III was built between the Tombs of Princes and III. Selim by Architect Davud Agha and his assistant Diver Ahmet Agha after four years of his death, in 1595. Tomb...

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Tomb of Princes

It is told in the sources that Tomb of Princes are built by Architect Sinan in the beginning of 1580s for Sultan III. Murad’s mother Nurbanu Sultana however due to young princes died because...

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Tomb of Sultan Mehmed III

Tomb of Sultan Mehmed III was built by Architect Diver Ahmed Agha in 1608 with the other of the son of Sultan Mehmed III, Sultan Ahmed I upon his death in 1603. The exterior...