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Tiles of Hagia Sophia

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Tiles in the Sultan Tombs

The interior side of Sultan II. Selim is decorated with the most beautiful tiles of the 16th century. On the top of the lower window there is Baqarah Surah and Ayetu’l Kursi is written...

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Tiles in the Library of Sultan Mahmud I

Tiles used in I. Sultan Mahmud Library are the most beautiful samples of Iznik, Kutahya and Tekfur Workshops which have been manufactured between 16th and 18th century. There are tile panels with flower, rose,...

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Tiles around the Altar

Ayatul Kursi which is the 255th verse of Baqara Surah is written with clear thuluth calligraphy on cobalt blue tile strap that covers the wall longitudinally on the back of the altar. Ketebehu El...