Hagia Sophia Facts


The world’s eighth wonder of Hagia Sophia which has a history of 1500 years is one of the most important structures of Istanbul. The Hagia Sophia facts spread ear to ear over the centuries and here are some of the most interesting ones.
The Angel that protects the Hagia Sophia. The craftsmen working in the construction of Hagia Sophia entrusted their tools to a young worker while they were going to lunch. After a while a man appeared in the construction area and told the young man to call the craftsmen since the construction will take a very long time. The young man told him that he cannot leave the tools and the unknown man told him that he will protect those tools and will not leave to anywhere until he comes back. When young man told the situation to the craftsmen they decided to tell this to emperor who asked many questions to young man and believed that unknown man is an angel. So emperor sent the young man to another country so that angel will protect and bless Hagia Sophia until doomsday.
Enchanted doors. According to the legend there are a total of 361 doors in the Hagia Sophia however 101 of these doors are great and magical. Because there is always one extra door revealed when these doors are counted.
Holy Relics of Jesus. According to Christian rhetoric Emperor brought the cross that Jesus was crucified and nails used for crucifixion from Jerusalem and put it into the hidden part of the Hagia Sophia. The reason for storing the Holy Relics to Hagia Sophia is because it is believed that Jesus will reborn in Hagia Sophia after 40 thousand years.
Hagia Sophia is the prison of Satan. After the conquest of Istanbul, Fatih Sultan Mehmet declared Aksemsettin responsible for the conversion of Hagia Sophia from church to mosque with his order. Although workers did their best to make the mosque ready for the Friday pray, the satan provided every challenge for the workers since he does not want Hagia Sophia to be a mosque. When Aksemsettin understands the situation he prayed to God. God accepted his prayers and confined the satan into the one of the marbles of Hagia Sophia.
These are some of most interesting Hagia Sophia facts that is believed by many Muslims and Christians from all around the world and told many stories about them.

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